Data Analyst

Data Analyst

Data Analyst Training

Our Data Analyst training in Chandigarh is the best opportunity for all the aspirants looking for a career in it. Data Analyst training will make you the best analyst of your career

Data analyst, as the name suggests is involved in the process of analyzing the raw data and converting it into meaningful information. Data analyst takes the charge in analyzing and collecting key points of data to make important decisions for the businesses. 

Data Analyst Training-Benefits

The demand for data analysts is growing at a faster pace with the continuous digitalization of this modern world. Studies say, almost 70% of U.S. employers will prefer the candidate with data analysis skills by 2021.

What will you learn;


Introduction to Data Science

Introduction to Python

 Making Decisions and Loop Control


Basics Of Web Development

 Importing data

Python Data Types: List, Tuples, And Dictionaries

Manipulating Data

Functions and Modules

File I/O and Exceptional Handling


Statistics Basics


Error Metrics

Why we

Pjc Infotech provides the best data analyst training in Chandigarh. We help our students with the best of knowledge and training for better growth in their field. Join our Data Analyst course in Chandigarh and make a great career with us.

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