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Our Java training in Chandigarh offers 6 Months/Weeks advanced Java training.

Java is defined as a class-based, general-purpose high-level programming language. Java is reliable, secure, and fast, therefore which is used widely for developing application software.

java training

What is Core Java Training?

Core Java or J2SE is an abbreviation for Java 2 Standard Edition. Core Java is used when an application is designed without using client-server architecture or without distributing application logic over multiple machines and that Java application is known as a Standalone application.

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Pjc Infotech is the only Software Development Company in Mohali that provides OCJP certification. We at PjcInfotech provide the best industrial training in Chandigarh. We are one of the best solutions for Java training in Chandigarh, and make our students stand out in this competitive world. Our trainers provide the best guidance and make you confident and industry-ready. Learn from scratch and be the topmost Java programmer of your company.

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