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core java

Core Java

Java Training for Beginners

Core Java
Explore Java Updated March 2024
Learn the most important aspects of Java programming from the beginning. What will you learn;
You will learn from scratch all the fundamentals of Java
Solve the wide range of exercises from Java
Gain lifetime experience with inspiring trainers

PHP Web Development

2024 PHP Web Development Masterclass

PHP Web Development
Explore PHP Updated March 2024
PHP is the most versatile language used for writing codes and also for web applications. PHP is one of the demanding open source languages use to develop high-level websites giving a great user experience. What will you learn;
Become a professional programmer and get appreciation from the users.
It is the simplest language for anyone to learn and implement.
Become industry-ready and develop applications, programs, and websites.


Learn Complete Python Programming

Explore Python Updated March 2024
Python is the easiest language to read, write, and learn compared to most other programming languages. Python is widely used as the second most loved programming language in the world. What will you learn;
Learn and get ready to apply it to real-world applications.
Get deep knowledge from overview, introduction to Python to advanced Python.
Opsin Python, database, basics of web development, advanced web development using Framework DJANGO.

Advanced Java

Learn Java Advanced Edition 2024.

Advanced Java
Explore Advanced Java Updated March 2024
Learn the advanced Java programming for website and mobile applications. What will you learn;
You will learn to create online applications like online and mobile applications.
By the end, you will master Java programming.
Experience the introduction to J2EE, Java server pages (JSP), Java beans, and struts.

Data Analyst

The Complete Data Analyst Bootcamp 2024

Data Analyst
Explore Data Analyst Updated March 2024
All the industries and organisations increasingly and completely rely on data to make critical decisions for their businesses. This data analysis also tells all businesses what issued they need to take to make their organisations better. A data analyst helps organisations to make these critical decisions and implement them for better outcome. What will you learn;
Learn how to analyse the data.
Work on projects to make analysis.
Best guidance from industry experts.
Over 15000 students upgraded their skills
Earn a Certificate for job-ready career skills
Gain expertise and progress towards your goals
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IOS App Development

IOS App Development

IOS App Development Training 2024

IOS App Development
Explore App Development Updated March 2024
Learn iOS App Development as it will take you to great heights. It is the process of developing applications for Apple hardware which includes iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The software used for iOS App Development is written in Swift programming language. What will you learn;
Learn and build your own apps for the most widely used smartphones.
We will train you to become a qualified Apple mobile app developer.
You will learn the Swift 3 programming language and how it is used for app development.

Android App Development

2024 Complete Guide to Android Zero to Advanced Machine Learning Program

Android App Development
Explore App Development Updated March 2024
Learn Android App Development and begin your journey to develop a collection of apps as an Android developer. XML and Java are the two core languages used for Android app development. Therefore, these languages are the prerequisites for the development of an android app. What will you learn;
By the end of this course, you will be able to develop an app.
Learn and start your own business as an app developer.
You will learn the basics of android, ADLC (Android Development Lifecycle), Android Graphics, XML and JSON, Project development, Testing, and Publishing.

Machine Learning

Zero to Advanced Machine Learning Program

Machine Learning
Explore Machine Learning Updated March 2024
Machine learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence or the study of computer algorithms that teach computers to think in a similar way as humans do. It involves minimal human intervention and works by exploring data and improves automatically. What will you learn
Master Machine Learning from basic.
Learn for personal use and add value to your business.
Get to learn accurate predictions and powerful analysis.


A-Z of Flutter Development Training 2024

Explore Flutter Updated March 2024
Flutter uses a single codebase for beautifully compiled applications for web, mobile, and desktop. It is free and open-source and used worldwide by various organizations and developers. It uses Dart programming language to develop an app that shares similar features to various other programming languages. What will you learn;
Learn from introduction to Flutter and Flutter basics.
Get deep knowledge about Flutter states, layouts, App bar, and TabBar widgets, custom widgets, input and selections widgets, drawer widgets and rules, and notification widgets.

Digital Marketing

Advanced Digital Marketing Practical Training

Digital Marketing
Explore Marketing Updated March 2024
The term "digital marketing" is commonly used for the availability and use of digital tools to communicate on the internet, digital devices, smart devices, and other digital technologies. Digital Marketing is the phase of marketing where online-based digital technologies such as desktops, tablets, mobile phones, etc, are being used to promote the products and sell the services. What will you learn?
Digital Marketing (Basics)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Pay Per Click (PPC)
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